US Soyabeans to help the frontline workers

US soyabeans are helping the frontline workers like doctors, nurses and other health care workers to keep their feet comfortable during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Okabashi, a shoe company is donating one pair of sandals to American health care workers for every pair sold. The company has planned to provide upto 10,000 pairs. About 5,000 pairs have been already donated.

US farmers are a part of the shoe company's manufacturing process. Each pair of this flip flop sandals is made up of about 45% of the soyabean by weight. Soyabean oil is added to a mix that is processed through a plasticizer. This replaces the petroleum products used in the production and it is appealed to be a recognised USDA Biobased product. These sandals are standardised one with more softness and strength.The soyabean producers are pleased to help in this thoughtful campaign.

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