Unprecedented rainfall making tea planters apprehending heavy and long term yield loss.

Excessive rainfall in Assam and Bengal tea belt has put planters under deep apprehension of over 20%

production loss . This comes with even bigger worry for serious health hazard of tea bushes that can cause long term loss in much larger scale.

For Assam, the cumulative deviation has been recorded as 30% with actual rainfall of 961 mm against normal level of 740 mm. In last one week, the downpour remained 34% higher than normal.

Worried with the situation, senior planters in Assam as well as Bengal apprehended 20% - 25% yield loss in during the peak production season July to Oct that gives 51% of annual output.

The Tea industry in North India now has to face the twin challenge of how it meet and balance production targets while managing operations on the face of escalated costs in coping with challenges posed in combating COVID 19.

Source: https://m.economictimes.com/news/economy/agriculture/unprecedented-rainfall-making-tea-planters-apprehending-heavy-and-long-term-yield-loss/amp_articleshow/76941190.cms

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