Turning insects into energy bars!!

Dror Tamir, co-founder and CEO of Hargol FoodTech owns the world’s only grasshopper commercial farm. He rears locusts. Nearly 20 tonnes of locusts are reared annually in his 1,000 sq metres production unit and turns the insects into energy bars.

Tamir is so captivated by grasshoppers even his company Hargol means long-horn grasshopper in Hebrew. He trudged through wilderness in Israel to find locust eggs for his first commercial grasshopper farm. He started with 20 grasshopper varieties but later realised that only 4 were commercially viable.

Today, inside his farm, millions of grasshoppers feed on wheatgrass and are later harvested to be dried and turned into energy bars in different flavours - Plain, Apple, Raisins.

On an average, locusts are available for roughly 4-6 weeks in a year. But in Tamir farm grasshoppers grow throughout the year. Without burdening the environment and with near-zero carbon footprint. When compared to beef, the protein-dense locusts use 1,500 times less arable land, emit 98.80% less greenhouse emissions and are the finest example of near-zero waste farming.

Dried locusts are in great demand in the United States; locust + wild honey combo pack is also available. Retrieved from


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