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Five schemes that scaled up Indian Agriculture Post-Independence


Government of India had implemented many schemes to promote agriculture sector in our country which might improve the economic conditions of the farmers. The schemes that had been introduced by the government in the post-independence period had been very much useful to the farmers and also the farmers should be made aware of those schemes inorder to reap the benefit.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana:

PMFBY was launched in the year 2016 which aims at supporting sustainable production in agriculture. The scheme provides support to farmers who suffer from crop loss or damage arising out of unforeseen events, along with stabilizing the financial gain to farmers to confirm their continuance in farming. It also ensures flow of credit to the agriculture sector that would contribute to food security, crop diversification and enhancing growth and competitiveness of agriculture sector besides protecting farmers from production risks. The scheme encourages the farmers to adopt innovative and modern agricultural practices.

National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture:

Maintaining productivity in farming depends primarily on the quality and the availability of natural resources. Development in this sector can be sustained by conservation and sustainable use of scarce resources through location specific measures. This scheme was been formulated to improve agricultural productivity especially in rain-fed areas with an emphasis on integrated farming, sustainability in water usage, soil health management and resource conservation synergies. The focus will be on infusing the judicious use common resources through community approach.

Soil Health Card Scheme:

Ministry of Agriculture had introduced Soil Health Card scheme on 2015. It is a printed report containing soil nutrient status. All farmers in the country would be given this card to enable them to apply recommended doses of nutrients based on soil test values to achieve improved and sustainable soil health and fertility at low costs and higher profits. This card helps farmers enhance soil health and eventually raise productivity. It aims at strengthening the functioning of Soil Testing Laboratories through capacity building, participation of students and effective linkage with Indian Council of Agricultural Research / State Agricultural Universities.

National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas:

National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas was launched in 1990-91 based on twin concepts of integrated watershed management and sustainable farming systems. The scheme aimed at sustainably conserving, creating and managing of natural resources and also sustainable enhancement of agricultural production and productivity.

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana:

PMKSY was adopted on July 1 2015 with the goal of improving water use efficiency with end to end solution on source development, delivery, management, field implementation and extension activities. Improving farm productivity and ensuring better use of the country’s resources is a national priority. The primary goals are to attract field level investments in irrigation system at, improve and increase country’s cultivable land, enhance ranch water use in order to reduce water wastage, enhance crop per drop by introducing water-saving technologies and precision irrigation.


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