Success story of a Women Entrepreneur shining in Mushroom Cultivation

Inspiration and guidance:

An article on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation published by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tapi in the Agro-Sandesh gave direction to Anjanaben Gamit's dreams.Smt.Anjanaben Gamit is a civil engineer by profession. She visited the KVK and opted for the Mushroom cultivation under the guidance of KVK scientists.Moving forward to realize her dream, she joined a four-day training programme on “Entrepreneurship development through Mushroom Cultivation” at the KVK, Tapi and decided to initiate the mushroom cultivation during 2017 at available resources with the technical guidance from KVK, Vyara.

Mushroom cultivation:

She prepared a mushroom growing house in the parking shed by using bamboo and green shade net along four sides. She was also supplied with all the inputs, viz., spawn (mushroom seed), polythene bags, seeds and chemicals (Carbendazim & formalin) along with the follow-up visits and technical guidance by the KVK scientists.

On the path of success:

On starting the mushroom cultivation for the first time in October, 2017, she harvested about 140 kg Mushroom with a value of Rs. 28,000/- in a simple small low cost shed (Size 15’ x 10’) within 2.5 months by investing Rs. 11,000 as production cost. Smt.Anjanaben’s success in mushroom production from October, 2017 to March, 2019 and 18 months experience in mushroom cultivation motivated her to extend the mushroom production unit. So, she enlarged his mushroom house (size of 23’x80’) by investing additional Rs. 1,72,000/- during 2019-20.From April2019 to December2019, she used 250 kg spawn and produced 1,234 kg of mushroom with a gross income of Rs. 3,08,500/-. The total cost of production was Rs. 88,350/-. By this way, she earned a net profit of Rs. 2,20,150/- during 2019-20.With all the support from the relatives, social contacts and based on demand, she packed 100 to 200 grams packets and sold them in Vyara town through Anganwadi workers, retail shopkeepers and vegetable vendors. The telephonic booking of mushrooms, made the marketing easier. She also started the sale of mushrooms from the “Organic market desk - selling organic produce from organic producer to direct consumer” commenced by Collector, Tapi District.

For her achievements, Smt.Anjanaben not only got recognition in her nearby areas, but has also been felicitated by the Government of India too.

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