Sanitiser cum face mask spray produced from Nilgiri oil

Udhagamandalam manufacturers launch a sanitizer spray produced from Eucalyptus Oil, commonly known as Nilgiri Tel, and benefiting farmers who produce eucalyptus oil. Ingenious manufacturers in Udhagamandalam created an innovative product, “Face Mask Spray cum Hand Sanitizer” by using the natural oil, Eucalyptus oil. The product has been launched by major eucalyptus oil manufacturers in Udhagamandalam. “This kind of product is launched first time in the country, making people capable to carry pocket-size sanitizer spray that can be refilled,” said Rohit Jain, Director, RS Fragrances, engaged in distilling and trading Eucalyptus oil and other essential oils for 22 years. He also added, “The sanitizer passes the required norms as &0% alcohol and 5 % glycerine and an added ingredient, 10% Nilgiri Tel in 15% base.” Rohit mentioned one more thing, “Nilgiri Tel has been used in Indian homes from the ages as a relieving ingredient, and adding it in sanitizer gives a natural value and provides healing from nasal issues with natural scents in addition to medicinal benefits of fighting to germs.”

Uses of Nilgiri Tel

The Nilgiri oil sector supplies raw material to the Nation’s pharmaceutical, oral hygiene, pain relief balm, and perfume industries along with supplying for direct home use.

Vocal for Local, Director mentioned

Another Director Sanket Jain told that they have designed the sanitizer in such a way that, it can be sprayed on face masks also along with sanitizing hands.

Sanket Jain said, “Our test marketing in the last two months has given us encouraging response and that is why we have applied for the patent on the lines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call of “vocal for Local” as Nilgiri oil is the local product of The Nilgiri Hills.”

He mentioned one more important thing, “This innovation will for sure help the consumers but along with that, this will also help nearly 10,000 farmers and workers that are engaged in manufacturing of Nilgiri oil weighing around 150 tonnes annually, worth Rs. 225 Crore. Lockdown has knocked their business and survival.”

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