Relief for the cotton farmers as CCI procure the produce

Farmers in Tamil Nadu , especially those in Delta areas,who harvested cotton summer crop this year faced low demand and prices due to the lockdown and COVID-19 impact. However, with the intervention of the State Government, the Cotton Corporation of India(CCI) has stepped in and purchased over 40% of the crop so far, giving the much needed relief to farmers.

According to the statement of CCI, it has told that they purchased about 18,000 bales of cotton which is about 40 to 50% of the arrival and they are having less than 12% moisture content. They added that they have aslo tied up with the ginning units making sure that cotton moves from market to ginning mills quickly.

Usually, in Delta regions cotton cultivation is shown much interest as a rice fallow crop by farmers. The cutivation has chronologically increased but due to this pandemic and lockdown textile mills showed less demand for cotton. Due to the timely intervention of State government with CCI, cotton was sold to CCI from the regulated markets of Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam at a price of Rs.5,500 per quintal. The cotton is given this price if it meets the quality paramaters stated by CCI. The state government is actively involved in bringing the farmers to regulated markets.

J.Thulsidharan, president of Indian Cotton Federation, said Tamil Nadu is the only state that has summer cotton crop and usually the industry buys the cotton.

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