Medicinal plant cultivation-a profitable agribusiness

In the present scenario where the entire world is battling to find a cure for COVID-19 virus , several experts have advised to boost up the immunity of the body as per the saying "Prevention is better than cure". In this war of COVID-19 pandemic, the medicinal herbs have emerged as a saviour.

In India, Ministry of AYUSH has recommended people to drink a formulation of tulsi leaves, cinnamon, dry ginger powder and black pepper for enhancement of immunity. Consumption of this formulation by people throughout the country is increasing in a faster rate than the spread of Corona virus. Thus, it is forseen that the cultivation of medicinal plants would be a giant leaping profitable business with minimal investment during this crisis.

The most beneficial therapeutic yields are given by the plants grown in home like Mint, Aloe Vera, Basil, Lemon grass, Coriander.

NMPB( National Medicinal Plants Board) offers upto 75% subsidy to the farmers cultivating highly endangered medicinal plants, 50% for cultivating critically declining plants and 30% for other therapeutic plants species which need support.

e-charak is an online market place for the sale of medicinal plants. NMPB has introduced this platform to promote the trade of medicinal plants and their produce.

There are also certain universities which offer diploma courses on the cultivation of medicinal herbs and some of them are

•Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nasik

•Chattisgarh University

•Kongu Nadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

•Uttarakhand Open University, Nainital

According to WHO, 70-95% of the individuals in most of the developing countries depend to a greater extent on traditional medicine for natural cure on primary health care.

"Nature itself is the best physician"- Hippocrates Make sure that your home has a traditional first aid kit.

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