Manipur start up develops eco-friendly bamboo tiffin carrier

A Manipur based start-up has been going viral on the internet for coming up with an eco-friendly lunch box that not only helps reduce plastic pollution but also gives a boost to local economy.

Zogam Bamboo Works is based in Churachandpur in Manipur and relies on using local resources for crafting innovative and creative products using naturally available and eco-friendly material. They have recently developed a tiffin carrier made entirely out of recyclable bamboo shoot.

The durable lunchbox has several compartments that can carry different items, much like the traditional Indian 'dabba', which has become out of fashion due to its clunky make and weight. The eco-friendly bamboo lunchbox is light and savvy and can easily replace plastic lunchboxes.

A video of the lunch box was shared on Twitter by IFS Officer Sudha Ramen who shared praises for the innovation. "They are not just attractive, but also eco-friendly and it also supports many to have a livelihood," Ramen wrote on the microblogging site.

While some questioned how cutting bamboo trees to create bamboo products was eco-friendly, others pointed out that bamboos were perennial crops and could be grown to meet product demands so that it doesn't lead to depletion.

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