Laser scarecrows to protect the field from birds

Since the dawn of farming, the battle between the farmers with the birds has been a great struggle. Pests like starlings, blackbirds have been a severe menace. They can destroy upto 75% of crops within 48 hours of harvest leading to severe incur of loss.

Growers have tried many traditional methods like scarecrows and propane cannonball in the name of pest control but none have turned to be effective in the evolutionary wit of nature.

A researcher from The University of Rhode island has invented a new deterrent to keep the birds away. The laser scarecrow projects a green laser light which will not be visible to humans in daylight. They are effective in birds due to its sensitivity to the colour green. The automated laser darts spread across the field upto 600 feet and they startle birds effectively to an extent enough to prevent them from destroying the crop.

They are found to be environmentally safe and less

laborious compared to other methods like netting. There have been adoption of different variations of laser technology some of which come solar powered and with auto targeting system of birds. This technology is widely adopted by many pest control companies which claims to be highly effective against the birds and friendly to the neighbours.

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