'KRITAGYA'- National Level Agtech Hackathon.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research-National Agricultural Higher Education Project and Agricultural Engineering division of ICAR have come up with an idea of conducting a National Level Agtech Hackathon to promote innovation in farm mechanization, preferably women-friendly farm machinery and equipment. The event has been named 'KRITAGYA' which explains KRI for Krishi (Agriculture); TA for Taknik(Technology ) and GYA for Gyan(knowledge). Students, faculty, innovators from any university or technical institution across the country can participate in the form of a group. Each group can comprise of maximum 4 participants. This event will follow a two-tier framework to conduct competition at the zonal and national level.Registration starts from September 15. The winners of the national level event will be awarded with cash prizes upto ₹5,00,000.For more details connect to email ID: nd.nahep@icar.gov.in

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