Indian superfoods- a bundle of health!

Whenever we hear the term 'Superfood' our mind takes a tour to the foods of western countries. Is superfood really a food item that promises a miracle and comes from somewhere exotic? Nah! Then what's a superfood really? Is it something that has more nutrition than others? Let's find out the answers.

Superfoods are like batter in our refrigerator that stand the test of time in our body. Superfoods are nothing but the local foods. The local superfoods were given much importance until the western food culture peeped into our table of cuisine.

Superfoods are those that bring pleasure to the palate, nourishment to the body and even work as a medicine when required. Indian tradition on food in always appreciable. Now let's take a tour on the Indian Superfoods.


It is a myth that ghee is a superfat one. The short chain of four letters SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids) is the little magic that is present in ghee. This fatty acids will promote the burning of fat from stubborn fat areas, healthy bacteria in the gut and it takes care of the heart and brain. Having ghee on your diet helps in the increase of nutrient absorption. Truly a superfood, is it not?


Coconut is rich in saturated fats yet it helps to raise the levels of beneficial HDL(High Density Level)Cholesterol. Coconut water as we all know helps in digestion and eases constipation problem.


By almonds, I mean to tell the local desi almonds and not Californian almonds. Almonds are truly a booster tonic for your heart and brain.


It is a natural prebiotic( contains compounds that increase gut microflora and aids in digestion). Having banana every morning in empty stomach helps in burning fat as it contains plant sterol (substances that lowers the cholesterol level).


The minerals and vitamins in this fruit is relatable to its size. Yah! These are the fruits with a package of vitamins, electrolytes, fibres and phytonutrients.


It is well known in market as lotus seeds or fox nuts. They are low in fats and rich in proteins. They are also an effective cure for insomnia. This superfood helps in improving urination and prevents premature ageing.

Ughh! The list goes so long as hanuman tail. Ultimately, superfood is nothing but the food that is available in your pocket.

Be joyful that we eat superfood daily knowingly or unknowingly!
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