India to see good coffee output this year: planters

If rains don't play a spoil sport, India's coffee production this year will be in the range of 3,20,000 tonnes to 3,40,000 tonnes, according to the planters. This is far better than the last two flood-hit years, when production was way below 3,00,000 tonnes.

As of now, coffee plantation have recieved only 30% of the rain, including the blossom showers in March and the showers in the following months. Rainfall during August and September will be the deciding factor as excessive rains can lead to floods, landslides, wet-footing(coffee plants standing in water and decaying) and berry shedding.

"This year's crop is expected to be much better than last two years", said Bose Mandanna, a major planter in Kodagu and a former Coffee Board Member."We have recieved some rain at a time of spike formation and flowering. Another 50-60% of well distributed rains are needed for best berry development, spring cultivation and recharging of water tables. If all goes well we will have a bigger crop this year", the planter said.

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