Incentives to vegetable growing farmers of TN.

The State government has planned to incentivise farmers who grow vegetables through organic farming.

An incentive, ranging from ₹2,500 per hectare to ₹5,000 per hectare, will be offered, depending upon the crop. As many as 60,000 farmers will benefit. A sum of ₹15 crore has been set apart and a government order is expected to be issued shortly, according to an official in the State Agriculture department.

The idea is to promote organic cultivation of vegetables such as greens, brinjal, cabbage, lady’s finger and cauliflower. In terms of area, the target is to achieve around 76,000 acres or 30,850 hectares this year, even though the aim is one lakh acres (about 40,470 ha).

At present, as per an estimate, the total extent of organic farming in the State is about 65,610 acres (approximately 26,550 ha).

However, the official hints the actual coverage may be much higher. “What you should keep in mind is that for our calculation, we don’t take into account non-vegetables or millets which are being grown over dry land areas, where organic farming is being followed in one form or the other. If you add all these areas, the area under organic cultivation will also go up. But, our focus is on vegetables, which are directly consumed by people,” the official says.

As of now, five major organic vegetable growing districts include The Nilgiris (1,287 ha); Coimbatore (77 ha); Dindigul (55 ha); Namakkal (49 ha) Tiruppur (47 ha).

As regards the government’s other initiative, the official points out that the district-level Assistant Directors (Seed Certification) have also been given the responsibility of organic certification and they are re-designated accordingly.

Earlier, there were only four officers who were authorised for certification. Now, with the increase in the number of certification officers, the process has been made easier for farmers who want to do organic farming . Besides, the officers will be engaged in promotional activities of organic farming.

(Credits: The Hindu)

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