ICAR-NRC on Meat designs electric-vehicle for supply of meat and meat products

To ensure the sustainability of meat value chain and contribution towards greening of meat sector,ICAR-National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad has designed an electric vehicle with 1200 watts capacity and can run up to 75 km upon single charge.

The vehicle runs at a maximum speed of 25 km/hour and was fabricated at e-Ride, Uppal, Hyderabad. The vehicle is fitted with 200 litres eutectic freezer which maintains temperature of around -10 °C for 8-10 hours once charged.Microwave oven and electric fryer are also placed in the vehicle.

The vehicle may be used for distribution, retailing, reheating and serving of value added meat products.

The vehicle was designed under Agri-Business Incubator project of ICAR-NRC on Meat.

In addition to this, the Institute has also procured an e-scooter which has 400 watts battery and can run up to 70 km. These environment friendly vehicles would be of great use to the small-scale entrepreneurs for home-delivery and to act as rolling stores for popularization of value added meat products.

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