'GREEN GRAMA'- exotic fruit paradise !!

Dr.Hari Muraleedharan who is a native of Kottarakkara of Kerala has nurtured a fruit paradise of about 800 different fruit trees of which 700 are exotic. Dr.Hari was told by many that these exotic fruits are not suitable for Indian climate and soil.But then he wanted to experiment on it.Due to personal reasons he had to resign his job as a scientist in Chennai and returned to his homeland.He started by collecting the seed materials and planted them in 60 cents of land on an experimental basis.And his continuous efforts for the past ten years have resulted in a fruit orchard of 800 trees.

Some of unique fruit trees include katemfe fruit that grows only in Ghana country of Africa, Miracle fruit that sustains the sweetness even if you consume any other sour fruit, Ice-cream bean whose flesh tastes like ice-cream, Egg of the sun mango which receives price upto ₹75,000 per fruit, Jaboticaba grape of Brazil, white mango, Inca peanut fruit, Rambutan. His garden has received much popularity and is being visited by lot of students and scientists. He suggests that farmers should attempt to diversify their crops instead of sticking to one particular crop.

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