Government to fast track integration of e-National Agriculture Market, farmer bodies

The government is fast tracking the integration of e-National Agriculture Market (eNAM) with farmer producer organisations (FPOs) and warehouses, which have been declared as market yards, to provide end-to-end connectivity for farmers.

It will then connect these FPOs and warehouses with the transport aggregator mobile App Kisan Rath for seamless supply linkages to intra-state and inter-state buyers.The App brings together 5 lakh trucks and 20,000 tractors on mobile platform for transporting farm produce to markets from farm gate.

The official said that integration of FPOs with eNAM will provide market information for farmers so that they can sell their produce at better prices.Since more than 1,000 mandis across the country are already on eNAM platform, farmers will be able to discover the spot price of specific commodities in different parts of the country. Farmers will have flexibility to sell their produce anywhere in the country. Then after that they may book truck or tractor over Kisan Rath App to transport their produce at reasonable price.

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