Flax residue gets new life as compostable phone case

The biggest challenge in flax production is the long, fibrous residue left behind. These long stem fibres also known as shive and gets wrapped around discs, wheels or seeder shanks which is severe problem stated by the farmers cultivating this crop.

There are alternative uses for the flax straw such as animal bedding, duck nesting sites, insulation in bale burners, golf green covers and now even as plastic composites for phone cases.

A new formulation called Flaxstic is found by Jeremy Lang, the founder of Open Mind Developments in Canada. Pela cases uses flax shive, plant based biopolymers and recycled materials to make up about 35% of the case in which 10% is flax straw waste. The remaining material is made of non-renewable resources.

The phone case claims to be 100% compostable and because of the flax content that have shock absorbent qualities. The base material for Flaxstic meets standard for industrial composting or can be left to degrade in a home composter.

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