Farmer comes out with a repellent to prevent wild animals from raiding crops

A 40 year old farmer from a village in Gobichettipalayam claims he has come with a repellent that not only keeps wild animals from damaging standing crops, but also helps to enhance crop productivity.

Farmers in Gobichettipalayam, Sathyamangalam, Talavadi and Kadambur hills have to constantly chase away elephants, wild boars, rodents, deer, porcupines, gaurs, rabbits and peacocks that destroy crops at various stages and cause a huge loss. Installation of solar-powered fence, use of firecrackers, digging of trenches and even permission to shoot wild boars have not helped the farmers much in protecting the crops.

G.V.Sudharshan of Modachur village in Gobichettipalayam has come out with a repellent named "HERBO-LIV" that was tested at various places for its effectiveness. He told that the repellent consists ofa bio-liquid that protected crops and enhanced yield, and was also cost-effective and environmental-friendly.

The bio-liquid is produced with the combination of botanical extracts, fermented fruit extracts and panchagavya that can be applied through foliar spray, drip irrigation and also by using innovative automatic timer-controlled sprinkler units.

The bio-product has been tested and certified by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore and further incubated by Agri Business Development Unit.

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