Egg amino acid for excellent plant growth and pest control

The amino acid requirement is highly essential for the increase yield and overall quality of crops.

The application of amino acids for foliar use is based on its requirement by plants in general and at critical stages of growth in particular. Plants absorb Amino Acids through Stomas and is proportionate to environment temperature.

The egg amino acid is an excellent compound for pest control and growth acceleration in vegetables. Egg amino acid spraying is recommended for good flowering and large berries. It can be easily made at home with eggs.


•Place the eggs in a jar and pour lemon juice in it until the eggs are completely immersed.

•Keep it for ten days with the lid closed.

•After ten days smash the eggs and prepare the solution.

•Add equal quantity of thick jaggery syrup to it and set aside for ten days.

•The solution will then be ready for spraying.

•This is a great nutrient for the plants just like Fish Extract and will boost plant growth.

It was originally conceived by Ms.Veeriachinnammal of Theni district , Tamil Nadu as medicine for asthma.


Dilute egg amino acid in 2 ml of one litre of water and spray on the plants. It is best to spray once in 10 days.

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