Blue Tea, a cup of drink with multiple benefits!

Tea, which plays an integral part in everyone's life is definitely due to the refreshing feel that it gives after having a cup. Many of us have tried the usual tea, masala tea, ginger tea and so on. And now let us jump into the new tea which has benefits in galore. The name of this tea is BLUE TEA. This blue tea is a good and healthy one which benefits us by preventing from diseases and premature ageing. Sounds different and great right! Lets know what this blue tea is!

Shankhpushph, which is also known as Asian pigeonwings or Sanghupoo in Tamil is popularly used as a memory booster due to the presence of antioxidants in it.

Blue tea is a caffeine free herbal concoction made by seeping dried or fresh leaves of the plant (Clitoria ternatea). The best thing about this drink is that it is packed with antioxidants which helps to kick start the day with great enthusiasm.

Blue tea has the constituents that helps in the preservation of heart health and has the ability to fight against cancer and diabetes. It contains flavonoids that increase collagen production and maintain skin's elasticity. It lowers the cholesterol levels and keeps us out of anxiety and depression.They increase the blood flow to the scalp and increase the strength of hair(due to its anti-cyanine activity).

When multiple sips in one cup gives us this much benefits why not we have it? It is suggested to have this blue tea in earthenware utensils!
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