A school principal grows 700 species of plants in his home

Raja Bose lives in Bhikhanpur of Galpur (Bihar), has transformed his house into a garden, giving it the name of Botanical Wonderland. He grows more than 700 species of plants at his home. He has displayed them beautifully on the roof, walls, balcony and the premises around his own house.

Raja Bose's house is no less than a Botanical Garden. You just name a plant and you will be able to find it. He has many species of trees in pots, the concept of training and cultivation very similar to Bonsai. He has pots of flowering and fruiting trees like Mango, Orange, Sapota, Lemon, Cherry, Custard Apple, Papaya, and many other seasonal vegetables and garden ornamentals. Not only this, medicinal plants like Lemon Grass, Basil, Insulin plant, Jatropha, Tulsi, Giloy, Ashwagandha etc are also found here. He also grows many different kinds of Succulents and Cacti and is an active member of the Succulents and Cacti group on Facebook. He has a wide array of vegetables in all kinds of containers possible. During the time of COVID-19 and its associated lockdown time, he had a fresh supply of vegetables right at his home. His family depended only on potatoes and onions from the market.

When quizzed about the suitable conditions of growing plants, he reminds us of drainage which plays a very important part in the growth of the plants. The composition of the potting mixture used at his home for plants are 50 percent of Garden Soil, 20 percent of Well Rotten Cowdung, 10 percent of Vermicompost, 10 percent of charcoal, Bone meal with Mustard and Neem powder. Neem based pesticides are being sprayed at regular intervals.

A great fan of recycling and reusing, Raja Bose recycles any kind of containers for gardening purposes and grows plants in all of them. Raja Bose has received many awards at the district and state level for horticulture. His plants are as usual hotspots in agricultural fairs.

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